How to recover old photos and video

Do you want to recover your old photos and videos? Do you know how to do this? Sometimes when we use our phone mistakenly we delete some important photos and videos. Unfortunately, we lost our essential data and did not find a way to get it back. But in this article, we will tell you How to recover old photos and videos after deleting them. How would you get to know exactly what data you have lost in your phone and how to recover it? Let’s take a look at the important points to recover your data.

Methods to Recover Old Photos and Videos

Method Description Pros Cons
Check your backup Restore your photos and videos from a backup. Quick and easy if you have a backup. Requires a backup.
Use a data recovery tool Scan your storage device for deleted files and attempt to recover them. Can recover photos and videos that have been deleted from a backup. Can be expensive and not always successful.
Contact a professional data recovery service Use specialized equipment and techniques to recover data from damaged or corrupted storage devices. Can recover photos and videos from damaged or corrupted storage devices. Very expensive and not always successful.


How to recover old photos

1. Check the Recycle Bin or Trash

One of the simplest ways to recover lost media is to check your computer’s recycle bin or your smartphone’s trash folder. Learn how to locate and restore your files from these temporary storage areas.

2. Utilize Data Recovery Software

Discover the effectiveness of data recovery software, including both free and premium options. We’ll guide you through the process of using such tools to retrieve your lost photos and videos.

3. Restore from Cloud Backups

For those who have backed up their media to the cloud, this section provides a step-by-step guide on how to restore old photos and videos from platforms like Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox.

4. Seek Assistance from Professional Services

In cases where the above methods don’t work, consider the option of professional data recovery services. Understand the costs and benefits associated with this approach.

5. Preventing Future Loss

We’ll discuss proactive measures to ensure you don’t find yourself in a situation where you need to recover old photos and videos. Tips on regular backups, file organization, and data preservation are covered.

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 Recent Deleted Data

What should you do when a photo or video gets deleted from your phone? First of all, you have to go to your files. Every phone you use has its own gallery. Go to that gallery and there will be an option named Recently Deleted and all the deleted photos will be available there.

Delete Photo Recovery

In this digital era, many applications work in this field. If any photo, video, or important document gets deleted from your phone, then you can remove it with the help of these applications. It is also available in your Play Store, from there you can download and recover your deleted photos.

Restore Deleted Video

When you come inside the application, you will see a camera icon, that is, the picture of the camera will be visible. Clicking on it means that you want to bring back the photo which has been deleted from you. As soon as you click on the picture of the camera, you will have to give some permission. After giving the permission, after scanning, the photo will be returned to your phone in 2 minutes.

Old Photo & Video Recovery

The same process is to make a video call if your video has been deleted, then the first thing to do is open the application and there you will find a picture of a video, then you have to click on that video game. You have to give permission to your phone, whatever permission is considered to be given to you, after that whatever photo gets deleted will not start happening, after that the deleted photo will come back to your phone. 

So finally, a download option is given at the bottom of the article, you will click on that download option, and after that, you will download the application which will take your last month’s, and last year’s photo or If the video has been deleted, you will download the application to bring it back, after this your photo and video will come back in your phone.


With the help of this article, We have told you the many ways to recover old photos and videos on your mobile phone or any other device. You can do it in a straightforward way with the help of some easy steps. By following these steps you can easily save your essential data.


Is it possible to recover deleted photos from years ago?

Yes, it is possible to recover old photos and videos, even if they were deleted years ago, as long as the storage medium has not been overwritten.

How can I recover photos from a damaged storage device?

Recovering media from a damaged storage device is more complex and may require professional data recovery services. It’s important to seek expert assistance in such cases.

Can I recover photos from a formatted SD card?

Yes, you can recover photos and videos from a formatted SD card using data recovery software. Ensure that you follow the appropriate steps to maximize your chances of success.

What is the best way to prevent future data loss?

The best way to prevent future data loss is to regularly back up your photos and videos to multiple locations, keep your storage devices in good condition, and avoid careless data management.

How much does a professional data recovery service cost?

The cost of professional data recovery services varies depending on the complexity of the case and the service provider. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from different providers before making a decision.

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