How to Get Idea Call History

For idea users, there are some situations in which you will face the problem of not getting the call history and this is one of the problems that primarily arises when You want to know about the reason why your balance got deducted from the account. In many instances, the company deducts the amount and when you try to get the call history it becomes really difficult for you to get it from the service provider. But with the help of several methods easily get the call history and can easily understand the problem with your account.

Methods to get call history in idea

  1. The first thing that you can use is to look for multiple online articles as every phone has this feature of secretively recording the call history and you can easily access that history by searching it over Google. Usually, these settings are found in the call application of the mobile phone where you can easily backup all the call history data, and in those data files, you will get the information of those calls. Also, in the case when you want to spy on any person with their mobile phones and call details then you can take the help of that feature.
  2. In another situation when your mobile phone is stolen and then you want to know about the call history and call details of the mobile phone then you can easily reach the ideal store where they will ask you for some of the details and then they can easily track the call records. In this situation, you can also block your number by reaching out to their ideal store.

How to Get Idea Call History

How to get idea call history

In previous years idea was one of the companies who provided this feature of getting information on their website but with time they have removed this feature due to the ups and downs in the company as the company got merged with Vodafone and after that, many of its policies and features got changed. In the new SIM, you can also call on 199 or 1984 to connect with customer care and they will also help you to find out the call details as they have almost every call detail stored with them. To obtain the information through the application you have to install their application and in that, you will find out My Account option. In this section, you have to click on edit profile and provide an alternate number. To confirm it, you will get a one-time password on your email from which you can easily update it once you are done with this you have to call customer care from where you can easily get call details.

The company has a wide range of audience and after its merger with Vodafone, the belief of customers have retained the company and they have started believing in the products and services provided by Idea and Vodafone together. With this article, you will get information about how to get idea call history.

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